Kevin Reid

Photo By Peadar O’Donoghue






A Birthday Treat and a Last Bastion of Love


I do believe you shouldn’t throw stones.

And I don’t see the point in killing birds.

If anything I’ve tried to save them.


At the City Gallery our eyes lit up.

It was our last chance to see

a Francis Bacon exhibition.


At The Brazen Head we listened to

a Guinnessed man tell tall tales of

The Easter Rising.


We took-off at sunset. It was dark when we landed.

With few words spoken – I realised

the bird I had killed was out of the picture.




Kevin Reid lives in Scotland. His poetry can be found in various online and printed zines. He is the creator of >erasure  , a recent collaboration with George Szirtes, Jo Bell, Dave Kirkwood and Bobby Parker. His blog can be viewed here 



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On the fifth day of Christmas….Veronica Von Pegg and Andrew McDonnell



























Veronica Von Pegg is a mixed media artist, a photographer and writer, who expresses a past life through images and words. She collects second hand items, and is a firm believer in reincarnation.




Charlie Brown is Sad


Charlie Brown needs a slap to bring him to his senses

dragging his baseball mitt through the snow

like a reanimated, headless rabbit on an A road

I can’t be doing with your black cloud Charlie Brown


It’s all me, me, me with you, you, you

little sad American boy with Christmas in blue

Walking across my television like a headache

Your pumpkin shaped head haunting all my bulbuls.


I have tinsel and paper chains to hang in the hall

I have a child in thrall to Argos tat

I have a fuck-off turkey to baste and bake

elderly to ferry, carpets to shake and vac


This is no such thing as good grief, Charlie Brown,

But a fuckety-fuck you! should bring you round.






Andrew McDonnell has published various poems in various places and is a director of Gatehouse Press and steering editor of Lighthouse Literary Journal. He is working in his first collection



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Rob Stuart





A Heap of Broken Images

After T.S. Eliot and Robert Smithson






Rob Stuart is a media studies lecturer, filmmaker and light verse enthusiast living in Surrey. In addition to Ink, Sweat and Tears he has contributed poems to Light (USA), Lighten Up Online, Magma, New Statesman, The Oldie, The Spectator and Snakeskin

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Chris Guidon




Chris Guidon is a confessional artist and poet from Kidderminster. Like a snake he needs sunshine to live.

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Word and Image from Michaela Ridgway
























Love is the sea

I cling to you, my arms around your neck;
let the water take the weight, you tell me.



Michaela Ridgway lives in Brighton. Her magazine credits include Magma, Other Poetry, Orbis, The Frogmore Papers, Purple Patch, The Ghazal Page, Obsessed with Pipework & Moodswing. She hosts the monthly Pighog Press poetry night at the Redroaster

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Painting by Jason Howgate, Poem by Winston H. Plowes













The Invisible Banquet

Sip on the sun, trapped
under the bridge
poached and runny as an egg.

Chew on the beech leaves
red, plump and leathery
like tomatoes, sun dried
and clinging to the riverbed.

Crunch on young shoots of reeds
buttered by ripples
like spring asparagus spears.

Nibble on the willow
like peppery rocket
dressed in olive oil
swimming in the sky.

Drink the bubbling foam
flowing from a pewter tankard
the colour of swan muscles.



Jason Howgate:  ‘Mount Analogue is one of a series of paintings based on the River Hebden Water showing the river throughout the sessions. This image depicts summer. I wanted to show the many disorientating reflections that give an almost hallucinogenic feeling to the scene. I was also partly inspired by René Daumal’s novella Mount Analogue. “The door to the invisible must be visible.”

I have exhibited this painting in an earlier guise at the Albert Street Festival Gallery and in the Hebden Bridge Open studios.’  Mount Analogue, Blake DeanOil on canvas. 2012 (80cm x 120 cm)


Winston H.Plowes writes his words with two cats on a narrowboat on England’s inland waterways. His compositions have been widely published, hopefully making people pause and ponder the magical details of life. To find out more visit Winston’s website –

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Julie Maclean












Simpson dingo girl


safe inside your canvas dreaming

of the red track westward across the dunes


the lean shape-shifter   with toes of a dancer

foxtrots the fringe        camp follower

nose to the north   she takes the shape of

a desert grass    spinifex dry

same pale yellow    same drift as the wind


it’s then you daub the ochre   the black

white for the star in the eye   insinuate

a dark shadow   minimal    abstract perhaps


next morning the palette licked clean




Julie Maclean was born in Bristol, UK and now lives in Victoria, Australia. In 2012 shortlisted for The Crashaw Prize, (Salt). Her debut collection of poetry, When I saw Jimi,  is out now from Indigo Dreams Publishing. Poetry appears in US and leading Australian and UK journals including The Best Australian Poetry (UQP). She blogs at at 


Simpson dingo girl first appeared in Rabbit (Aus) 2012

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