New light verse by Alexis Byter


My email service will not download
the internet link is fried
there's no signal on my PDA
and my wireless modem's died
My cell phone battery has run flat
and the voicemail system won't play back
so I'm logging off from work today
and I won't be coming back

• Alexis Byter is not a real name.

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The Dead – an animated poem by Billy Collins

This is another animation of a Billy Collins poem – The Dead. The animation is by Juan Delcan of Spontaneous.

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Forgetfulness – an animated Billy Collins poem

When we set up IS&T, one of the genre we wanted to cover was e-poetry in its broadest sense including Flash animation. Check out this example – the poem is by the onetime US poet laureate Billy Collins and the animation by Julian Grey of Headgear – the piece runs for about 2 minutes.

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