Two visual haiku from Dee Rivaz

*Dee Rivaz is a mixed media artist and writer in North Wales.  I use a variety of media and methods, with textiles and poetry closest to my heart

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'Landing' by Sonia Hendy-Issac


It’s in the brittle light that forces your eyes
to crack, squint for cover, that you know
the day’s debate about a woman eating
herself to death, will not be resolved;
when the crease of the door next to yours,
will not result in half-conceited attempts
at conversation by the water cooler, wage-slave
camaraderie or company conspiracy.
There is nothing in this isolation that cannot be
found in the shallow breath of your own contempt,
or the aching view of the sepia cityscape.
As the streetlights wink on, trading energy
with each fluorescent office bulb, the autumn
unfolds itself in the brush of leaves
on the rooftop; as you climb, you know
there will be something beautiful
in landing awkwardly.  

*Sonia Hendy-Isaac has an MA in Creative & Critical Writing. Her poetry has been anthologised and widely published in journals; her most recent work can be found in Snakeskin, Equinox & Neon.

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Millions of eyes henning


vii.  millions of eyes, henning

dear henning,

i wonder if in germany you ever watch old american
gangster films.   in them, everything is heavy … cars,
telephones, and radios.  in them, men take unexpected
taxi rides, light streaked across their faces so we can
know their full intent.

before they ever leave, they tell their women they ve
gotten themselves in a jam, or they must collect the
dough, and they ll be back shortly.

often, they re shot at the base of stairs, at entrances to
buildings that were meant to save them.

when their women hear the knock on the door, a
violin plays.  the women pause, sequins on their
clothes sparkling like millions of eyes.

the women open the door and say …
come in, i ve been waiting for you.



*Theresa Williams’ work has appeared or will appear soon in many magazines, including Chattahoochee Review, Hunger Mountain, Midwestern Gothic, Danse Macabre, and The Sun.  Her novel, The Secret of Hurricanes was a finalist for the Paterson Fiction Prize.  She has a husband, dogs, and cats, and stays up late at night, writing.

Theresa says: “millions of eyes, henning” is part vii of series of epistolary prose poems called “the eternal network” (which is what the mailart community calls itself).    The poem was sent through the mail to a man in Germany, a complete stranger I met on a mailart site, called Henning and was accompanied by mailart.

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Joan McNerney's 'Woods'


Sliding through arches
of elms sunshine
yellow and warm as honey.
Moss crawls over mudstone
while squirrels skip
around tree stumps.
Imagine to be a sea gull
in blue wind pushing
air through your wing.
After the long rain
pine trees bending
with cones.
Branches etch evening sky
turning razzle dazzle
purple red citron.
Leaves drop like butterflies
filling the floor of forest
with crunchy foliage
See this snowy storm of
light quickly quietly
covering our moon tonight.
Long winters keep
greatcoats of frost
wrapped around our woods.

*Joan McNerney’s poetry has been included in numerous literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Blueline, 63 channels, Spectrum, and three Bright Spring Press Anthologies. She is nominated for Best of the Net in 2011. Four of her books have been published by fine small literary presses.

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Sarah James's 'Home Remedy for a Broken Heart'

Home Remedy for a Broken Heart

She downed one bottle of Sauvignon,

took two double shots of  vodka,

then gulped back three small G and Ts.
Four Bloody Marys and her hair smelled of sick
but five flaming sambucas blurred
her tastebuds and six cosmopolitans
had her giggling men, sex – and Basstardss! 

Seven something else broke her new heels.

Ate, sorry, she meant eight, 

arms helped tumble her to a taxi.
Nine, no ten – or was it eleven? –

fingers swayed in front of her, then slumped

in her lap. Were there more on her back?
And what was that on her face?
Darkness. Twelve heads on a pillow,
clamped in a vice then swung.

Thirteen minutes, maybe, of forgetting

before the cure wore off.

*Sarah James says “I am a published poet, part-time performer and perpetual procrastinator! My collection, Into the Yell (Circaidy Gregory Press) won third prize in the International Rubery Book Awards. My website is at

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Alison Hill 'Staving off a Natural Disaster'

Staving off a Natural Disaster
And if by some miracle
the sun rose again at noon
and we started to fly backwards,
the earth around the moon, what then?

Would we see that particular drama
emerging in the static atmosphere,
huddled in our own small lives?    
Would we recognise the tilt away
from our perceived normality,    
towards the aching chaos?

*Alison Hill is currently Poet in Residence at Kingston Libraries and runs Rhythm & Muse, a lively monthly event in Kingston. Her work has appeared in a range of anthologies and magazines and her pamphlet, Peppercorn Rent, was published by Flarestack  in 2008.

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'Something to Keep' from Lindsey Holland

Something to Keep

We’re at the glassblowers and my mother
– a repeat customer – is trying
to find the perfect gift.

Oceans, gardens, boiled confectionary
suggest themselves.  There are bowls
and baubles, vases, abstract

swans and snails and everything holds light
in its own way.  She bends and squints
and sometimes takes

the brightest pieces to the window, lifts them
up like a sommelier.  No wrong bubble
goes unnoticed

and her turquoise coat is a crucial part of this.
I want to buy them all.  Every last glass
she’s touched.

*Lindsey Holland’s poetry has appeared in various magazines.  Her new pamphlet will be published later this year.  She lives in a white cottage where she eats a lot of soup.

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