Jinny Fisher




The Scarf

This is the scarf
Miranda makes.
It is the scarf
that she knits
and knits
and knits
in strips
of colours
she picks
from the current
of wool
in the hospice
and that flows
from the chest
at the end
of her bed
down the stairs
through the hall
to the couch
in the lounge
where she sits
with her cat
by her side.
This is the scarf
that she stores
in a ball
that each year
she unrolls
over and
over and
over along
the landing
to measure
and log
her persistence
in knitting
in knitting.





Jinny Fisher is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist who began writing poems a few years ago. She lives in Somerset and is a member of Juncture 25 and Wells Fountain Poets. Magazine publications include The Interpreter’s House, Under the Radar, and Prole.

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