Spring Gleaning by Dave Migman

Spring Gleaning
Pinos Genil is bloomed out bliss
donkeys grazing beneath scents
folded ducks by languid waters
little houses perched on rocks
There is no hand in mine today
and the sun casts no shadow
I am a breeze blown feather
arriving, moving on – arriving
I take the dust bath of scooters
I chew the silver line to Granada
Pink blooms encrust the trees
ducks blink lazy water
There is no shadow on donkey's eyes
there is no hand top grip
Wishing I could catch the scent
and bloom like that alone.

• Dave Migman says “As for myself I am a nomadic type. Constantly moving. Currently in Edinburgh but was living in Spain, before that Glasgow. For a living I carve & engrave stone (Celtic, Pictish, Viking, Neolithic designs, thousands of different designs), this enables me to make money in the summer and get away for the darker months. My writing has been published here and there in the UK over the past five or six years. Some work online. I also do a lot of artwork/illustration, samples of which you can view here http://migmart.blogspot.com/

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