Helen Kay




An Interesting Case of Auditory Processing Difficulty   

A writer reckons words are friends.
He clearly has not met da gangstas
muscling in on the mother son trip
to an ear-splitting Arndale noodle bar.

All she did was point out Forsyth’s
through a snotty Metrobus window.
‘Look, there’s a lot of instruments.’
He replied, ‘Wha’? A lot of insulants?’

Ok, so she thought he said ‘insolence’.
What he really meant was insulation.

She blames this confusion on a baby
next to them who kept crying mama
and the creased, lip balm mother
who kept crying, shut up, shut up!

In Forsyth’s, the yawning ukeles
and smug saxes in braces sneered,
so she asked about GCSE’s. He replied
with silence. Or was that insolence?




Helen Kay has written poems about chickens and a pamphlet full of them was published this year by Indigo Dreams.  Helen comes from a onesie free household and is a dyslexia tutor.

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