Santino Prinzi






They’re like wedding vows materialised. Couples go to Paris, other places too, mostly bridges, to do theirs. Love locks. A symbol of love everlasting, they say.

You said you didn’t want to do one, and then you said you didn’t want me.

I sealed a love lock for us anyway; I carved our names on a padlock, fixed it shut, and threw away the key. I wish you could see it from the other-side of the door.

We first met at this little café years ago, but it’s been closed for many months. You’ll recognise where you are, I hope, when you wake up.

You’ll try to escape, you’ll bellow into silence and no-one will hear you, except me, sitting on the other side of the door, feeling your beating against my back,

reminding me of the pulsing of your heart when I rested my head on your chest. I’m twirling the engagement ring between my fingers; the promise you backed out of.





Santino Prinzi’s flash fiction and prose poetry has been published, or is forthcoming, in various places including Litro Online, Flash Frontier, and has been selected for The Best of Vine Leaves Journal 2015.  His website is and his Twitter is @tinoprinzi.

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