A. D. Winans is giving up

In these two poems, Beat Generation survivor A.D. Winans explains why he is giving up on certain things…

The one thing I notice about my former
COSMEP friends
Is that they haven't changed over the decades
They still publish and have love affairs
With each other or with themselves
They have become small town politicians
Or Midwest college professors
But put them in a room together
And you see how boring they really are

They don't drink
They don't gamble
They don't smoke dope
But they talk a lot
Mostly about themselves
And things they know little about

It's time to put them out of my life
End all organizational ties
These tiny ants who gather at picnics
Begging for small favors

(COSMEP = the San Francisco-based Committee Of Small Magazine Editors & Publishers)


9/11 has gutted my political will
I can no longer alprazolam 1mg online pledge allegiance
To the flag of the U.S. and all it represents
The Patriot Act be damned

I will not wrap myself in old glory
And everything it no longer stands for
I will not bow down to Corporate America
And its radical religious right
I can't accept your moral bankruptcy
Your green back god buying and selling lives
On the Stock Market Exchange.

I will not bow down to a country where Assassins
Determine the course of history
Whose Papal Church has its own bank
Where Ka-ching, ka-ching
Has become the holy mantra

America you are one big insane asylum
Your manic depressive innkeepers
Waging war on the masses
Your henchmen standing proud
On your purple majestic mountains
Kissing the cold stone faces on Mount Rushmore
Looking like a Mafia Don with the
Cold kiss of death on his breath

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