Multimedia poetry – Class of by Rikki

Class of..

Rikki is 18 and lives in San Diego, he says “What is there to really know about me. If you don't
know me already then i guess theres everything. How do you sum up all
that you are in a few sentences. How do you sum yourself up with
boundaries, boarders, and lines which in turn creates a 11×8 1/2in box
. Everyones story can last almost what feels like eternity if you put
in every detail about yourself. You don't. Theres only one way to truly
know someone. Thats, time and self motivation by one who unknowingly
committs themself to learn about a person so that they can become a
true friend. Forget your top 8 to 32 people. Look at who really matters
in life thats to your left and right.”

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