New poetry by David McLean

revenge of the hollow men

here we lean our headpiece against sweet oblivion
and worship this dreamless kingdom
where our eyes are closed against night's
loveless sky
and morning's boringly dawning sun
mourning the columns love erected
against our traced days
the meanings engraved on night's dainty lace
and all our wasted embraces

facing our warm and brave enclosure here
my spacious saviour within reach
with your fingertips that list
love bright on my unbowed back
your anguish's twisted rack
and we save days in our coffin's
coming coffer
for man is but a lack

and this is his dead land
this is his dead land
his dead land indeed
and we are a mirror-play of reasons
the trough in which we feed
our need

we wait our final twilight meeting
the skeletons handshake
and kind Cadaver's meetly greeting

our rat-skin coat
Ra's midnight boat
and nothing within
that final finishing
where bodies embody the beetles' relish
and nothing within
but nothingness and missing sin

• David McLean says “I was born in Wales though I have lived in Sweden since 1987. I have been published in numerous magazines and e-zines. In September 2007 I shall be “poet in residence” at and in August 2008 “centre stage poet” in Decanto. More information is online at and It's pretty obvious who is the inspiration for all of these.”

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