People with no heads – by Colin Cross


he was an artist
although he no longer painted
she was a poet
although she no longer wrote

she was also his model
and the mother of his six children
whom they raised together

for a while we were quite close
but then our paths
took different directions
although whenever I saw
one or both of them
occasionally over the years
we would always stop and talk

then one night I saw him
on his own in a pub
and he told me
she had left him
and was now nursing in London

“people with no heads” he added

I assumed he meant
she had become a nurse
to the mentally ill
for surely the decapitated
were beyond nursing

• Colin Cross lives in Norwich (England) and has numerous poems published in small press zines throughout the UK, Europe and USA. He has also had work broadcast on radio stations in Holland and California and recently recorded the CD Welcome To The Real World Big Hugo. For more check out

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