Emma Cookson




Rome or a Room for Squatters

I would if I could have a bottle or two,
Sat on these streets with silly old you.
I’d speak the lingo and you’d laugh
Because you did not know.

I’d show you travel; I’d show you culture
As if unveiling a project, as if I had invented
Travel and culture. I’d show you all in desperation,
Is this not the hippie nonsense you spout?
Travel, explore, live, and love all?

I’d show you the city and you would not care for it,
I’d strip to my skin and you would destroy me.
Then your needle would take the night from us both.




Emma Cookson graduated with a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing in 2013, then went on to carry out work placements at DK Publishing, Gladstone’s Library, and Comma Press, she is now working and writing in central Manchester.

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