The Poetic Revolution Begins Here by Julian Stannard

The Poetic Revolution Begins Here

Questo bombardamento poetico sulla città vuole lanciare in tutto il mondo il Manifesto di Genova della Rivoluzione Poetica…

Lawrence Ferlinghetti
is at the controls of a helicopter
and is swooping dangerously
over the Doge’s Palace.
The helicopter dislodges a statue
and soars up towards the one accommodating cloud.
It hovers and feigns
and then it turns to pepper the city of Genoa
with incantatory poems.
The Carabinieri take a few disparate shots
and you can see Ferlinghetti
shaking his fist
whilst preparing to drop
a particularly lethal dose of André Breton.
The Genoese scatter and duck
and hurtle towards the underground
which hasn’t been built.
All the alleyways of the old quarter are laced
with poems
that wind their unchallengeable way back
to Walt Whitman.
You can see Ferlinghetti quite clearly now
dapper in his blue shirt.
He’s caressing
the sexual organs of the city.

• Julian Stannard teaches creative writing at the University of Winchester and has published two collections with Peterloo Poets.

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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again – there's some amazing writing going on on ink-sweat-and-tears. No wonder I look every day to see what's new! Nice one Julian.
    Gwilym Williams

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