Unheard of – new poetry by Tim Kucharski


Bodies in cars
Headlights and horns
Me first
Not paying attention
To any other homosapien
Is all contact
Staring at the perception
Under our gray matter
What table of contents
We must attend to
Shrugging all
Mannered methods
Behold the stampede
What rare find
The novelty of respect
A simple gesture to gift it
Yet none
Will take the first step

• Hailing from the Southside of Chicago, Tim Kucharski was a frontman for local hardcore veterans Insult to Injury. Since that time, he has continued to craft words of urban blight and human plight . His work can be found on the Internationl Library of Poetry and www.thugworks.com A new book of his work will be out in Summer of 2008.

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