A Christmas Collection from IS&T

We'd like to wish all our readers – all 3500 of you – a Happy Christmas and here are some seasonal offerings by Tish Davis, Maureen Weldon and Chris Major…

Two haiku by Tish Davis

virgin snow
a young boy runs ahead
to warn the rabbit
these woods again
a leaf frozen
in the spider web

• Tish Davis lives and works in the US.  Her haibun have appeared in Contemporary Haibun Online. Recently one of her haiku was recognized as a Poem of Merit in the R.H. Blyth Awards for 2007.

Like Soap Bubbles by Maureen Weldon

Winter: like soap bubbles
in a washing-up bowl.
This will not last,
this cup, that plate,
the garden reflecting in my eye.
Or my lover – he used to hold my heart –
who has a golden tongue –
a gift for music.

I brushed his body
with my long red hair.
It was Christmas then,
it is Christmas now :
green crates of decorations,
bottles of wine, flickering candles.
I see them on my kitchen window,
mirrored in fairy lights
and parcels of secrets.

From the hall, three little boys
Are singing Silent Night,
to the rhythm of their money-box.
Now my daughter shuts the door
the sound goes round and round.
In the sink the suds have sunk,
In the centre: a star.

To poems – one concrete – by Chris Major

Every Christmas
it's the same:
given without
much thought,
the perfect choice
for a festive season.
Oh, there should be
stickers everywhere,
for they are not
just for Christmas;
because the novelty
soon wears thin,
and abandoned,
pushed aside
they are cruelly left,
good only to blame
odd farts on……….
……….bloody sprouts.

 SOMEWHERE (footprints)
               soon her
            step will fill:
        flowers 'n' cards
      as guilty neighbours
      churn to snowy slush
       a blank white page
         of garden path.
         Too little then,
         and too late,
         all print that
         is this poem's

• Chris Major is a regular IS&T contributor

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