Lark Beltran



Early Walk to Buy Bread

Ficus trees line a long stone wall
crisp on morning´s new page,
in sunlight just sprung over the hill.
Doves coo from the wires above a road all mine
before the school cars´takeover.
My steps, unhurried, follow as regular
a pattern as the notes of Perez´s parrot
off to the right, whistling the Peruvian national anthem
from the same branch over the past twenty years.

Returning is slightly uphill
in traffic´s increasing whup whup whirr.
The parrot´s penultimate strophe, as I pass,
has begun to crack and strain, as if he pondered
its worthwhileness.  I carry breakfast
of crisp ciabatta rolls, bag sticking to sweaty arm,
and thereby live clichés: the daily bread,
the daily road; scuffing in dust
of sameness in the wake of songs.




Lark Beltran, originally from California, has lived in Peru for many years as an ESL teacher.  Quite a few of her poems have appeared in online and offline journals.

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