Matt Duggan


The Crow

When I feel that I’m the Crow
living outside that circle
gliding far from the heads in chatter
that only resemble the pattern of Mandir Temple
in whitened marble;
An outsider

The night that stalks its seekers
a dark star- an angel from another world.
When I feel the Crow has left my side
white feathers grow back into skin
am I not that white star ? invisible in daylight
at night a fading stream just that echo of a falling pin.



Matt Duggan‘s poems have appeared in The Seventh Quarry, Section 8, The Dawntreader, Roundyhouse, Apogee Magazine, Poetry Quarterly, Dwang 2, The Journal, Illumen, Yellow Chair Review, Jawline Review, Carillon, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Vagabonds, Lunar Poetry Magazine, The Screech Owl, Message in a Bottle, OF/With, IANASP, The Stare’s Nest, The Cobalt Review, Sarasvati, Expound, Ex-Fic, Trysts of Fate. He had his first collection of poems published last year ‘Making Adjustments For Life Expectancy. Matt also created and hosts a spoken word evening at Hydra Bookshop in Bristol UK called Spoken Indulgence, and is the editor of a brand new poetry magazine The Angry Manifesto.  Matt was shortlisted for the 2015 erbacce poetry prize.

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