Deirdre Fagan




The trouble with pairs

I want to be inside of you
No, not like that

I want to unzip you
And climb inside

Big toe first, then
a dipping of my head

Until I’m fully upright
and enclosed in your dark

Your sinews and synapses
making room for all of me

I don’t want to meet
where lips meet, anymore

Or where parts may be
joined, but inevitably part

I want to get inside so far
there is no getting out

Where two truly are one
and departure becomes impossible

Close is never close enough

And isn’t that the trouble with




Deirdre Fagan is a widow, newlywed, and mother of two. She teaches at Ferris State University and writes poetry, stories, and memoir during life’s pauses. Her work has appeared in Bartleby Snopes, Connotation Press, Grey Sparrow Press, and Melancholy Hyperbole, among others.

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