Vote for your Pick of the Month for July 2016

Almost all of the selections on our shortlist for July’s ‘Pick of the Month’ have a melancholy, contemplative tone that stands in contrast to the agitated times we live in and is perhaps a response, conscious or not, to these on our part and that of our readers.

So contemplate this month’s six finalists below (or see the ‘Vote for your July 2016 Pick of the Month’ in the Categories list to your right on the screen). These have either been chosen by Helen and Kate or received the most attention on social media.

Voting is now closed.

The winner each month will be sent a £10 book giftcard or, if preferred, a donation of the same amount will be made to a chosen charity*. In the event of the winner being from outside the UK mainland, we will make every effort to provide a reasonable alternative.


(*Ink Sweat & Tears reserves the right to refuse certain charities if we feel they are too controversial.)

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