Alexandra Strnad






Your hair thick as mooring rope –
I wound it round my hand

pulled your body close,
walking kept us warm

on the spider-silk threads
of a ploughed field

the oak and horse chestnut
compassed their last leaves –

like old women with rosaries
sending hail Marys to a stern

Atlantic squall, we pressed
against the broken gate

arms and faces set with cold
as autumn’s last frontier

bruised us through our clothes
and nobody could see

through the blackthorn hedge
from our path, so nobody

could know what passed, beyond
the lake soon to be eaten by ice

beyond the redwing’s whistling
call, the herd of fallow deer

in the copse, light-footed as snow.






Alexandra Strnad read English at the University of Cambridge, and graduated with Distinction from the Master’s in Creative Writing programme at the University of Oxford.  In 2014, Alexandra won the Jane Martin Poetry Prize. Her poetry has been published in a range of journals and anthologies.

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