I was somewhere else – by Simon Abbott

I was somewhere else

I was somewhere else when she said life is fine.
Awoken to myself by the fire and the wine.
Her words startled me but they do everytime
She has a revelation of this kind.

How long will this last? She said she thinks its for good.
Strong with my grasp I said you’re misunderstood.
This is the second today and I’m bored of you more.
Can’t you just say that life is a bore.

She stood above me, sand fell from her skirt.
She told me she loved me, clasped my hand till it hurt.
And again she ran, far out of sight.
Reciting her plan as she does every night.

College she shouted I’ll finish my degree
And become an accountant, with authority.
But I knew she’d return disappointed tomorrow.
Awake all the night sulking shores of sorrow.

Eventual fire to embers, the wine tipped to sand.
In my dreams I remember the tight grip of her hand.
Together we’ve been since our childhood pact.
Now my only purpose might never come back.

My eyes awake first, unaware I exist
They appreciate the colours that the majority miss.
Another line on my tally tells me its almost three weeks.
I’ve been lying every alley and walked all the streets.

Still I haven’t seen her. She must have left town.
The unjust arena doesn’t want me around.
The life I oppose for her I somewhat approve
And when the tides at my toes I won’t bother to move.

• Simon Abbott is a student at the Norwich School of Art & Design, where he says he is currently studying the art of mind manipulation.

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