New work by Samantha Desmond

Fucking at work

Lust can happen in a second or a year
But let me tell you it always dies.
It can produce the sublime
Butterflies being released en masse
On your wedding day
But remember lover, its also the shiny apple
Each bite will bring us closer to divorce.

Swimming in Sugar

The pubic hair sticks together
closing me off from any release.
Only Semen could dilute
The stickiness that’s sogging the brain,
pushing me back into the sheets.

It fuses my fingers together
So I have claws instead of fists.
I’m left defenceless
To let the syrup drown me
But for everyone else to say
How sweet I’ve become

You attract more with honey then you do
with my brand of acid vinegar,
Or so my mother taught me.
She likes to make my father
sticky toffee pudding-
That’s why they’ve been married
for more then twenty five years.

21st Century Helen

Against the bricks of a garden wall,
a rubbish bin for support.
I had prophesised
my own baptism for years –
a dirty Cassandra soiling clothes.
Now, mud was streaking up my thighs.
Neighbours twitching curtains
as I pulled back my legs.
This is how I became nothing more
than a fast fuck on a front lawn.

• Samantha Desmond is taking an MA in Creative & Critical Poetry at Winchester.

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