Gary W. Hartley




Worker Ant Monologue

Alone among thousands
millions, maybe

We don’t even talk
if it’s not about work

If we did we’d say
how happy we are

Together, not lonely
how can you be lonely

when so damn together?

Nods to work/life
balance from top brass

An email went round
nest softball practice

We’re all too tired
to bother turning up

It’s not even really
our thing anyway

so back home to a box set
of aphids

Licking their legs
honeydew ready meal

Satiated if not satisfied
that’s enough

Then head down;
today’s hundredth power-nap

Busy bees, us ants
busy busy busy

This is all for us
or if not for us exactly
For a greater good:

Roll up, step up
Give up

for our happy
hardworking family.




Gary W. Hartley does daft, vaguely-poetic things on stage under the moniker Gary From Leeds. His debut collection, Your Attempt to Enjoy These Poems is Considered Unsatisfactory, is out soon on Listen Softly London Press.  Twitter: @garyfromleeds

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