It's that way – by Mike Montreuil



the day begins
never in the way
we imagine

it would be
too predictable

even the love
I have for you
is that way


the shower water is hot
more so than yesterday

I wanted it that way


I tried to set
a place for you
at my breakfast table

some things are impossible
like a morning kiss


it may be Monday morning
but the streets are deserted

I willed it that way
they needed to be clear
of all obstructions

my thoughts are filled with snow


the phone at my desk is silent
why do you not call?

I am here
you are there

Is this our waiting game?


the noon time sun is high

someone made it so
we can now find our way
to each other

my imagination does not
take a back seat


it's you on the phone!
I waited all day
to hear your voice

you will be here
in a matter of minutes


the sunset is much too early

our minutes
seem like seconds

it's always that way
we knew it
right from our reluctant start


the alarm clock rings
morning already

I am warm
underneath my blankets

my memory of you
fades like the dream
we just lived

• Mike Montreuil lives in Ottawa (Canada) and can be found at a hockey rink cheering on his son. (He'd probably feel at home in the UK today – this is being posted on Easter Sunday and its snowing.)

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