Two poems by Amanda Weeks


From the minute I wake up
I can hear her sweeping brush against the pavement
And wonder how many particles of dirt
Have settled since the last cleansing exercise
Eight hours ago.

Then she moves on to the windowsill
The paint faded through constant rubbing.
Next is the turn of the lamppost
All graffiti is executed
And Goldie the labrador’s piss is bleached.

Her windows, already gleaming
Are wiped to within an inch of breaking –
Nothing must spoil her view of the street.
She needs to see if litter is dropped
Or blown from less clean terraces.

The ice cream man parks outside
And she watches like a hawk.
Once, his predecessor dropped a wafer
She is on tenterhooks until the van
And its unruly customers have gone.

She waits for her husband to come home
Through the back door –
He’s not allowed to use the front passage
For fear of spoiling the carpet.
But he doesn’t come home, so she cleans some more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


If I knew then what I know now
I’d wear short skirts and sleep around,
Because when you’re young and good looking
With big tits and can drink more than the boys
People call you a slag.
So with hindsight I should have done Darren
And Paul and Craig and all the others
Who said I’d done them
And got some pleasure to compensate
For the annoyance
Of being called a slag,
And squares whispering about me
And boys constantly phoning me
And hanging around my house
Which made my father shout
And call me a slag.

If I knew then what I know now
I would have gone on tour
With that rock star I snogged, back stage
In Newport Centre in 1994,
And said “bollocks” to you
And seen the World, had free drugs
And good sex. Probably.
If I’d known that all the while
Whilst I felt guilty and dirty
You were seeing someone else –
A fat girl with crooked teeth
I would have gone to San Francisco,
Left you crying, smashing up our home
With all your friends comforting you,
Giving you free drugs
And calling me a slag.

Amanda Weeks lives in Pontypridd, South Wales. She began writing eight
years ago when, at 27, she decided to pack in her job as a collector,
invent a pile of A levels and study creative writing and drama at
university. She has had several short stories published in anthologies.
She has written for several music magazines. Her Welsh-language
screenplay Catastroffi was
broadcast on S4C in 2006, and she's had a further two screenplays
optioned to Tornado Films.

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