Sergio A. Ortiz




Sailors are the wings of love

Sailors are the wings of love,
the mirrors of love,
the sea is their companion
and their eyes are blond the same as love
which is as blond as love itself, just like his eyes.

The vivacious happiness poured into our veins
Is also blond,
identical to the skin beginning to appear:
don’t let them leave because they smile
like freedom,
blinding upright light over the sea.

Yes, a sailor is the sea,
an amorous blond sea whose presence is a chant.
I don’t want the concrete city,
I desire only the sea swarming with water,
aimless vessel,

aimless body drowning in his blond.





Sergio A. Ortiz is the founding editor of Undertow Tanka Review. His collections of Tanka, For the Men to Come (2014), and From Life to Life (2014) were released by Amazon.  He’s a two time Pushcart nominee and a four time Best of the Web nominee.  His poems have been publish in over four hundred journals and anthologies.

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