Brooke Nasser




Outside, A Bird

Outside, a bird, separated from the rest perched on a solitary outflung branch, staring at a bright morning moon.

The unclouded gibbous starkly visible among oceans of startling blue.

The bird stared; the old man stared and shook. He, too, was scared to leave his moon.




Brooke Nasser has been working as a freelance filmmaker and photojournalist in Honolulu, Los Angeles and Maine for over 12 years, and has written, produced and directed numerous fiction and documentary films. Her art/poetry work has been featured in Asymmetric Magazine (January 2016) and Nakid Magazine‘s Artist to Watch series (June 2015). Her fine art photography is featured in galleries in Honolulu and Los Angeles. She is a contributing writer to several national print publications, most notably Ladygunn Magazine and Rogue Magazine. Website: and Instagram: @bnibblet.

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