Susan Taylor




for Steve

To appreciate how the sky came down into the room
and lifted me up into blue, you’d have had to be there,
inside my head, where all of the good things I’ve said
about your calling happen spontaneously.

This time, all those gifts come on me at once,
so I cannot speak properly of it. I land,
lightly, like a dandelion seed that has flown very high
on her circular white parachute of silk.

How this happens is beyond recall, even if I speak
in this language passably close to other worlds.
I chose to go alone to a bench in your shady garden
and people came to sit very close to me, and silent.





Susan Taylor‘s collection Temporal Bones was published by  from Oversteps Books in summer  2016. She is collaborating with partner in poetry, Simon Williams, – and others – on a small flight of poetry shows touring literature festivals this year.

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