Jonathan Pinnock




The Incredible Zapriskie Ponders His Retirement Plan

Dawn returns with half-remembered dreams
of levitation
and yet more spidered scribbles
on the ceiling:

‘Check your flies’
‘Buy some hens’
‘Damn the fog’
and ‘Magda was right.’

At lunchtime he’ll perform again
outside New Look on the ground floor
of the mall: card tricks for shuffling
pensioners and reluctant doves
from a schoolgirl’s scarf

and every now and then he’ll check
his zip, consider poultry
and wonder why nothing seems
clear any more.

And sometimes he’ll glimpse a shopper’s face
and mumble, ‘I didn’t mean it, Magda,’
thinking of happier days spent
sawing her in two.



Jonathan Pinnock is, among other things, the editor of Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis ( His personal website is at and he tweets as @jonpinnock.

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