Andrew Shields




Back Alley

He found himself in a back alley;
no one was there with a knife.
The black cat was only sleeping
in the only sliver of sunlight
it had been able to find.
With nowhere to hide, no dumpsters
to sort through, no forgotten boxes,
he could not continue his story.
All that was left was to walk
out to the street and hope that the light
would turn green just in time
for him to cross as if his life
depended on it, as if
he had somewhere to go.



Andrew Shields is an American buy lasix without perscription poet who lives in Basel, Switzerland, where he teaches at the University of Basel English Department. His collection Thomas Hardy Listens To Louis Armstrong was published by Eyewear in 2015, and he has also released an album with his band Human Shields, Somebody’s Hometown. You can find him online on Facebook and Bandcamp:

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