Rab Ferguson




Love and Houses

I know a couple that made a house.
Laid down hardwood floors and carpets
and built up walls like lego.
Clothes hang from the ceiling washing-rack.
There’s a pop-art kitchen blind,
lavender in the bathroom
and a TV on the bookshelf at the end of the bed.

I know a couple that paid for a photoshoot,
standing in front of white walls.
There was shining never-used cutlery on the table,
next to candles with wax sealed around the wick.
In the background stock photos in golden frames.
The set had no roof above them
but they cropped that out in the facebook pictures.

I know a boy who carries an armful of bricks
hoping every day to meet someone new and build.
I know a girl who won’t stay in one house anymore
and takes her sleeping bag from sofa to sofa.
I know two men who built their home together
then had a rock put through their window,
glass scattered across a handwoven rug.

I know how to talk to a house
when living in it alone.
I know how to encourage the coffee machine
that its smell is still appreciated.
I know how to teach the radiators to be warm,
the cd player to sing
and the walls to listen kindly.




Rab Ferguson is a York based writer of fiction and poetry. He is published in several journals including Litro Magazine, The Cadaverine, Voice In, Storgy and Pastiche. For links to his work: rabtales.wordpress.com, or follow his twitter @rabtales

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