Chloe Rogers



Life On Wellington Road

I live in a row of three identical houses – red brick, mossy roofs, and gardens that miss the afternoon sun. There is a house nearby that a blackbird has twice lead me to. The second time I recognised it by the white spot on its head. It would hop forward, then look back at me, as if saying ‘come on then’, until we reached their garden fence. They have a pretty garden but I didn’t follow the bird any further – we all know what trouble Alice got into following that white rabbit through a garden. I prefer my own patch of grass, where hidden in various spots of undergrowth and atop pine trees is a fox, owl, squirrel and a hedgehog – a children’s book of woodland animals.

Once night falls and the residents are all asleep, Henry, who was born on this road and has lived here ever since, steps out from his house for just a moment. He smiles and familiar wrinkles, created by eighty years of smiling at strangers, appear around his eyes – everything is well.




Chloe Rogers is currently in her second year at Bath Spa University where she is studying creative writing. She writes a mixture of prose and poetry, ranging in genres. Find her on twitter @thegiddyelf.

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