Messages: Jo Burns for National Poetry Day




Conchita reads Pablo Picasso’s letter to God
(while he is painting)

Your committee for time-keeping has ruled
diphtheria a highly unpunctilious event.
By consensus you can’t seem to remember
this being planned into any agendas.

You call me precocious but Pablo, honestly
it’s you that Mama has always adored,
Papa ignores me, I can’t even draw.
It’s all planned for you so perfectly.

You’re a stickler for timeliness,
and planned these years differently.
You have the domestic dates regulated
but I heard you, silently

trying prayer on for size, gambling paint
for my life. You waver     clandestine.
Your brushstrokes will sacrifice us all
and I will be the first in line.




Born in Northern Ireland in 1976,  Jo Burns now lives in Germany after spells in Chile and England.  Her poems have been published or are forthcoming in: A New Ulster, Poetry Breakfast, The Galway Review, The Honest Ulsterman, The Irish Literary Times, The Literateur, Four x Four, Shot Glass Journal, Picaroon and Poetry Pacific. Her poems have been highly commended by Munster Lit: Fool For Poetry Chapbook Competition 2016 and listed for the Over The Edge New Writer of the Year 2016.    Twitter@joburnspoems

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