Paul Little


‘If it’s New Daffodils to be Dying in May’

Taking online lessons in how to best greet that
certain someone if bumping into them again
didn’t prepare me at all
for someone just looking quite like that “certain someone”
walking in and disturbing the reading and my beer.

So, escaping out of a window and falling off towards
the scene of our last great failure, I stepped onto
some daffodils
dying in a window box on the sill. It was then my fellow drinkers
suggested the title ‘If it’s New Daffodils to be Dying in May’.

And on reaching the last stanza I sense a colouring occur
an interruption making clear
a simple lyric poem
attempting an escape from a simple lyric poem
in recognising quite a few have been taken in this way.




Paul Little works and lives in London. He has written for Litro magazine; writes about music every week on his blog Going For A Song; and was shortlisted for the 2013 Bridport Poetry Prize.


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