Stewart Carswell




On the anniversary

You walked the path between the pines
that led down to the water,
down to the sloping flow
of the ocean upon crushed sand
because it’s where she told you to let go
so it’s where you’ve come to let go.

A cove of ash, boulders
ground into grains on the shore—
too many to count, but for a moment
it is you two alone by the water.

You make a vow to return each year,
but an echo
is not an exact repetition,
and when you walk the path again,
you will find that the journey takes you
further each year that you repeat it.




Stewart Carswell is from the Forest of Dean. He currently lives and works and writes in Cambridge. His poems have recently been published in Envoi, Cadaverine, and Brittle Star. His debut pamphlet is published in autumn 2016 by Eyewear Publishing.

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