Two poems by Richard Wink

There is an army of THEM

dipstick depravity
crossed swords,
intense dribbling
over suicide girls
I'm wearing tight Lycra tonight
swapping pillows
with a model in drag
caricatured braggart
deep coma python.
Vomiting captivity
from a stolen armchair

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Poor Henry

I asked Henry why he kept a picture of Audrey Tautou in his wallet
he told me that every day he wanted a glimpse of a goddess
Surprised with his sickly strong words I reasoned with him that he keeps a picture of a woman he is never likely to meet
he told me the glorious guilt of distraction kept him on his feet
A jazzy tune floated from the corner jukebox
taking away our conversation
For a moment I was distracted by something beautiful
gripped by glorious guilt

• Richard Wink is a poet and raconteur from Norwich, UK. He writes, he sleeps and sometimes he gets lucky.

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