Say it – by Jesica Flowerdew

Say It

Subdue me
Make a berry jewel
In the furnace of your throat
Hold it on your tongue
Hang it in the air
Roll it from there
Into my ear.
Make me submit,
Start to say it
Swallow it,
Let the colour of the thought
Fill the air
A hue of desire
A tracing.
Translate it,
Say it
Subdue me.

• Jessica Flowerdew says “I've always written poems, since I was a child but I've never really been confident to do anything with them. I did an English lit A-level but didn't do very well so I've never pursued any kind of creative writing training. I'm a philosophy student, there are some great literary figures in philosophy – I particularly admire Schopenhaur's work. He wrote brilliant aphorisms, they encapsulate so much and have no formula except their shortness. I've barely shown my work to anyone but your website seems kind of anonymous and I had an unusual burst of confidence!”

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