Ellie Stewart



The word comes back

It is a quite simple thing to be told.
laid on the breakfast table, over chequered cloth:
a name.
the named thing –
it began itself when no one was looking.
divided itself
while we walked along the streets of the town
washed our hair under clear water
fed the cats.

They tried to cut it out
ran radiation
through your veins
But there’s never a going away.

You can feel it in your bones
the dark points dividing as we walk by the roads
where the water runs.
the street signs tell us
such simple things
and the sky is like the sea,





Ellie Stewart is a writer based in east London. Her poetry, stories and non-fiction have been published in various places including Popshot Magazine, Hippocampus Magazine and The Pygmy Giant. You can follow her at @EllieAStewart

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