Aki Schilz




One last goodbye to start

You board a plane set
into a bevel-edged hum of concrete;
it has spread its enormous metal wings
into the inkspill of this, your last
English night: damp chill
and dryskin hands like rustle-paper,
now you ‘taxi’ (how absurd
an expression when
the feeling is like
pressing into a world
whose red gravity switch
has been snapped at the wire)
down the path lit by lamps
whose sodium lights effervesce
in the early-morning muck
and the wind socks hang limp
as you draw a salt-hard blanket
around your foreign shoulders
and wish you had an aspirin
and think that in thirteen hours
you will be so near to the forest
your mouth and nose will fill
with green but for now, the world
is lifting away in squares
and the sodium lamps
are stretched in the curve
of your small window,
like arrowless bows
one after the other
after the other.




Aki Schilz is co-founder of the #LossLit Twitter project with Kit Caless, and co-editor of LossLit Magazine. Her poetry, flash fiction, short stories and creative non-fiction have been published in various magazines both online and in print. She tweets books, editing and publishing at @TLCUK, and micropoetry at @AkiSchilz.

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