Mat Riches


Kizelbel, September 2004

For R.

Last night was all too perfect.

The only noise was the local crickets’
nightly jam session in the hills.

All conversation was up against insect music,
as one lone virtuoso near our balcony
sang his own exquisite love songs.

Moths were taking off and landing
like burning paper scraps
flickering against a bonfire sun.

Figs fell from the trees
at exactly the same time as a Muezzin’s siren call began,
punctuated by the click of a microphone.

Modern life beat a path inland
as you beat me at backgammon.



Mat Riches lives in Beckenham, Kent, but will always have Norfolk in his heart. He is a father to Florence and a husband to Rachael, and by day he is a mild-mannered researcher in the TV industry. He has previously been published in And Other Poems and Snakeskin Press. He is a recent graduate of The Poetry School’s Lyric iPod course. He is about yea high.  Blog:  Twitter: @matriches

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