David J Kelly




is, was, will be

There was a man who used to stand at that corner in Hyde Park, when the speakers weren’t proselytising. He’d hang around for hours, occasionally clearing his throat. I only heard him speak the once, when he asked me the time.

At school, there was a kid who used to create imaginary friends. He had a collection of matchboxes with random, small animals in them, mostly dead. The tragedy of his situation was completely lost on us … we just thought he knew witchcraft.

There were only apes before people. Their behaviour probably warned of future social conflicts, but no-one was paying attention. We now know they sometimes eat meat, use tools and hunt in groups.

Theoretical physics states, “In the beginning there was nothing”. But from that nothing came everything. When the Big Bang took place, it was the singular, most dramatic liberation of possibilities in the history of time. Perhaps, one day, we’ll learn to cope with such freedom.

there is/was/will be
a place where things
are/were/will be perfect
it can’t/didn’t/won’t
last long
David J Kelly is an ecologist, poet and photographer. He lives and works in Dublin, Ireland and finds both scientific and artistic inspiration in the natural world. His short form poetry has been published widely. Twitter: @motto_sakura

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