Tom Stevens




Crossing the English channel by foot- I’ll make Dieppe by tea-time.

I push images of that great bolt of fluid
streaming out of Shoreham sewage treatment plant,
snaking towards Brighton beach, out of my mind,
striding into the churned, murky waters, cloake in neoprene,
the rain storm long passed to a flash of sun,
jellyfish and lone weeds thrashed against the
pebbles, I come to my neck,
snap my eyelids shut, ignoring the thought
of storm drains awash with the babble of the streets,
take a breath,
and head under the wave, which pulls easterly
as the sea drags itself further and further
away from us.


Hailing from the countryside of Gloucestershire, but currently living in Brighton, East Sussex, Tom Stevens is a twenty-one year old who studied English literature at the University of Sussex. Most of his poems are unpublished, and those that are, are in small editorials and student collections. Blog link

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