Jane R Rogers




Pilates Retreat to Amazonia

In focus – the edges of things –
Like wiry mangroves, I contract to my toes
imitating branches crooked bends.
A backbreaking stance
fixed there, melded in the earth
while an aroma of poisonous fungus
whistles through my synapses.

Out of focus – a still motion of colour –
I catch a suspicion of curves.
Far-flung, my blurred heartbeat,
is an echo with no intimacy.
I reverb inside the mulch breath
of a snake, wallow underwater
in the thrum of my bodies fear.




Jane R Rogers has been writing poetry for five years and is a member of the Greenwich Poetry Workshop and  Poetry Magazine team, and has co-edited Magma. Jane lives in London but misses the West Country.

Note: after Lothar Baumgarten’s  El Dorado

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