Sofia Amina





The first result was controversial
so said the search engine, I think in a baritone voice.

Then growing tips:
1. In someone’s shadow
2. Wetness needed (I think the article was implying sweat as wetness)
but nothing about calcium C.
Conclusion: a detailed cautionary tale about self-seeding
as growing eagerly also a well-known characteristic

1820, its first birthday on this land
flowering, reaching up to 2-3 feet in height,
the stars just out of reach
its magic left in its roots.





Sofia Amina: Going back to where I started…I was first published on this IS&T and it’s been quite journey since.  Wanted to come back and re-visit – say hi, how are you?


Note: This poem was first published on Poetica Botanica,  Ledbury Poetry Festival, supported by Hellens Garden Festival.

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