Hilary Hares



Bourbon Street

Black as the Blues, too hot
to sweat, a man steps
through a melt of light,

wears black, a hat, a caution
of brogues set up by a pair
of Sammy Davis shades.

pianos drum-roll
a dungeon note.

A voice: It’s Charlie
and the tray. Tremble
of whoops and claps.

Right palm tipped up,
he balances a tarnished salva –
left is a spray silvered tips.

Fingers stroke the tray.
One falling note, a tremolando.
Charlie takes a bow;

levee breaks, the throats
are roars, applause exploding
like a jar of nails.




Hilary Hares lives in Farnham, Surrey and spent 27 years using the power of words to raise money for charity. She has a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Winchester and an MA in Poetry from Manchester Metropolitan University. She is published in a number of magazines and anthologies and is currently working on a memoir sequence entitled ‘Re-inventing the Red Queen’.

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