New poetry by Geoff Stevens


This is the vacuum of the day
night takes the light
and you with your superior tugging strength
take the duvet away
with your extra lung capacity
breathe all my air
Please turn down your heartbeats
you are ruining my silence
upsetting my sleep
and your dreams are infringing on my dreams
Keep to your own side
you're giving me claustophobia
your elbows are weird
they have four sharp bones on them
you're bruising my ribs
your snoring's out of tune
It's upsetting the regularity of my breathing
you'll bring on my angina
No, I don't feel like it.
I don't want a cheese sandwich.
You have one if you want one
and don't keep asking me things
can't you see
I'm asleep!

• Geoff Stevens is a regular contributor to IS&T – see R/H side-bar for details of his latest collection.

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