Poets don't fit in – by Ken Head

Not Fitting In

No one at the table believes
in the helpfulness of gods or poetry.

Good-humoured, you sit and chat, replete
among emptied plates and glasses,
towards a comforting consensus:  self-interest
is the driver, you agree.

The needs of others never feature
in your calculations.  Why should they?

Upstairs, a door slams, sudden
raindrops smack against open windows,
car wheels sloosh over wet tarmac.
Time, as always, is passing.

Someone asks why write poetry if there’s
no money in it.  What good is that?

You remember:  stone Buddha image
so tall it took your breath away,
young monk on tiptoe, smiling, arm
outstretched towards a golden fingertip.

•  Ken Head's poetry weblog is at www.listeningforlight.blogspot.com and he'll appreciate your dropping in to browse and maybe leave a comment if you're passing.

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