On the Sixth Day of Christmas we bring you Stella Wulf, David Van-Cauter




Follow the Star

How you were wished upon
in your stella nurseries,
luminous heavenly bodies,
your play held in thrall.
How brightly you twinkle
in the eye of the gods.

‘Come to us, little stars,’ they cajole
‘we’ll teach you to bend
your fervent untrained light,
funnel your pool to a beam,
to slant on your goals.

Come, play our beautiful game,
bring us the glow of your dreams
to cover ourselves.
We’ll wrap it around us
like a winter coat,
buttoned up tight,
to the throat.

How you are wished upon!
Come to us, little stars,
come, play our beautiful game.

We’ll set you at the top of the tree,
you’ll dazzle like supernovae.’
And when your light slowly fades,
you’ll teeter on this spinning point,
collapse in on yourselves,
grist of the gods.


Stella Wulf lives in South West France. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University. Her work has been widely published. She is also an artist and her work can be seen on her website: stellawulf.com




I come from the north. You won’t see me
wrapped in fur on mild days. My skin
is thicker than most. Your harpoons will not
quickly bring me down. I walk a straight path.

I come from the south. I find you hard
and hostile. I bring warmth into your nights
and colour to your shrouded stares.
I bring history and sand dunes.

I come from the west. My horse has faced
a long and painful journey. Listen, there is danger
at every turn. I follow my own guide,
although I do not know the way.

I come from the east. People are different there.
I balanced on a tightrope, traversed high cliffs
to reach this place. I bring understanding,
wonder, books and spices. I bring fear.

I come from nowhere. I am invisible.
I crouch here, still, in half-unrest.
I wait for the alarm.


David Van-Cauter  is a personal tutor and editor who lives in Hitchin, Herts. He has long been involved with Poetry ID in Letchworth and Ver Poets in St Albans. Recent publications include the London Progressive Journal. A new pamphlet is forthcoming.

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