Poet Laureates

While we wait in the UK to find out who will become the next Poet Laureate – the betting is on Simon Armitage or Carol Ann Duffy or Roger McGough – here's a reading and interview with Kay Ryan, who has just been appointed to the laureateship in the US. The US appoint a new laureate on an annual basis – in the UK it used to be for life (Alfred, Lord Tennyson held the post for 46 years) however the current Poet Laureate Andrew Motion accepted the post in 1999 for a ten year term.


  1. Anonymous

    Kay Ryan's poems are wonderful!

  2. Anonymous

    I reckon one year as poet laureate is long enough, then we could all have a go*, ok – but maximum 4 years …just like the olympics, football world cup, etc.
    *I admit to being disqualified due to my spoof poem 'Friendly Florence', published by Forward Press; it's about Princess Anne's dog.
    You know – the one that bites!
    Gwilym Williams

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