Three shortcuts

We've got three short pieces for your today – by Matt Howard, Janet Thorning and a prose poem by IS&T editor Charles Christian…

Dreaming of magpies all night, I heard one;
he chaked and chaked until I woke.
When I pulled the curtain aside to look
he’d fucked off, leaving some drinker’s kebab.

Howard works in the insurance industry in Norwich and is also taking an MA in creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Darkness Overwhelms the Soul

Though the bullet only nicked my flesh
Though my blood only poured a little
Though the doctor said I would be fine
Though the nurses told me how lucky I was
Though the cab driver said his brother was shot and killed
Though the landlady says she’ll make me chicken soup with matza balls
Though my bed is warm and the sheets are clean
Though I can see the moon
I still feel like dying.

• Janet Thorning will complete her long awaited novel soon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Still wearing yesterday’s clothes, walking in to work from an
unfamiliar direction. The subtle ache of unexpected physical
exertion. The taste on your skin of a stranger’s sweat. The
irrepressible smile that lights up your face, each time you rewind
and replay the events of the previous 12 hours.

• Charles Christian wakes up every morning and thanks the gods of creative writing that he never applied for arts council or any other type of public funding, as his days would now be spent dealing with pointless bureaucratic red-tape.

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  1. Anonymous

    Matthew – yes, this is exactly how magpies are. Janet – brilliant! Charles – what happiness.

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